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Old 15 Spectacular Spider Man vol 1 #153 225

Sold ! This comics is no longer for sale (sold on 2008-12-03)
Price : US $12.00

Old 15 Spectacular Spider Man  vol 1  #153 225 Old 15 Spectacular Spider Man  vol 1  #153 225

The 15 lot of The Spectacular Spider-Men comics, vol 1 pictured will be mailed to winning bidder. All have covers, all are complete and are easily readers with many better. The comics are:

#153  Tombstone vs. Bruiser and Hammerhead vs. Webby in 2 bone crushing battles in one issue.

154  The Puma returns and what is his master plan?

158 Spidey Goes Cosmic and the Trapster chose the wrong time to pick a fight.

160 Spidey takes out Shocker, Rhino, Hydro Man...who's next?

161 The Hobgoblin returns with the Puma.

162 Spidey vs. Hobgoblin and Carrion.

165 The Arranger Must Die.

167 The Final battle with Knight and Fogg? Has spidey's wife Mary Jane found a new lover? Ya gotta read it.

168 Avengers assemble against Spidey.

169 Introducing a daringly different super team, the outlaws vs. spidey and the Avengers.

175 Spidey vs. Doc Ock.

194 The Death of Vermin?

207 The Shroud returns.

208 Crimson Death looms over The Shroud.

225 Introducing the new Green Goblin.

Will combo sh for multi won listings. Have a great week.

Sold ! This comics is sold (sold on 2008-12-03)

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